When hate turns into love


I was a late bloomer when it came to makeup. Up until I was around 19, I claimed to hate makeup and never wear it. I believed myself at the time, because all I ever saw of makeup in my high school was raccoon eyes, seeming fake for wearing it and just a pure waste of time. I wasn’t out to impress anyone by wearing makeup. I wanted more sleep in the morning. I didn’t even do my hair. (Gasp!) Inevitably though, I managed to collect cheap makeup sets as Christmas gifts over the years (distant relatives knew nothing of me apparently) and I tried simple things like eyeliner once in a while, but because I didn’t know what I was doing, nothing looked as good as I thought it should.

So when exactly did I switch over into the world of colorful powders and face goop? Honestly I’m not quite sure. It may have stemmed from my other hobby, cosplaying (dressing up as anime, video game, etc., characters and going to conventions). People there tended to wear really colorful makeup and it looked awesome but I wasn’t quite motivated yet to try it myself. I didn’t think I could pull it off. But in a blur of finding makeup gurus on YouTube and discovering a brand that makes bright eye shadows, I found myself hooked and dove in headfirst.

For a while, I just soaked up the techniques for applying eye shadow from watching makeup gurus on YouTube without actually practicing on myself. By the time I did, though, my hands knew what to do and I liked the result. Throughout my makeup-hating years, I only imagined wearing neutral makeup, should I ever cave on my beliefs. But I went straight to the bright eye shadows of Sugarpill and bought several at a time so I could start right away. I wanted to stand out and express myself through this new form of creative artistry that I could wear on my face. It was a greatly liberating feeling and it was fun.

Whenever I was bored at home or was struck with an idea for a look, I would go into my bathroom and refine my skills. I didn’t have many opportunities to wear these looks out, so I took pictures and uploaded them to Facebook. My friends would comment and like the photos, which encouraged me to keep doing it (No, I’m not an attention *bleep*). So that’s pretty much my whole magical journey from hating makeup to becoming a human coloring book.

A colorful makeup look I created for an anime rave.

A colorful makeup look I created for an anime rave.


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  1. You didn’t create it! You got it from a Sugarpill tutorial! Don’t take another person’s credit who started that beautiful creation first!

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