Why, oh why?


Last week I talked about how I got into makeup. However, every “how” needs a “why”. The best part about the particular time in my life that I really got into makeup is that I had finally grown into my skin. I have a simple answer for you: I do it for myself. I wear it to express myself. I wear it to experiment with color. I wear it to make my eyes pop even more than they already do. I wear it sometimes because it makes me feel and look more awake (as I am blessed with pale skin and can tend to look dead in the morning). That’s really all I have to say on the matter without boring you to death with the life story journey that got me to this point.

Honestly, this lovely lady has already said everything I could say to people with negative opinions toward makeup-wearers. So enjoy!


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  1. I’ve seen pictures of you and let me say this. I love that you have the ability to do it, but you look like you belong to a circus.

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