Quality vs. $$$


When it comes to makeup, in my experience, a big price tag most often correlates to good or excellent quality. However, the inverse is not always true: cheap makeup isn’t always poor quality. Now that you’ve seen the kind of products I own, you have an idea of my tastes. It’s mixed, no? Most of my brushes are cheapies from Target and e.l.f. and then I got a $25 brush from Urban Decay.

My reasoning: I had never used foundation before and they said the brush was specifically designed to work with their new foundation, so I thought I might as well have the best and be done with it. My Libra tendencies got the better of me.

Sometimes I buy products based on how much I’m getting for the price. I’m sure everyone is familiar with MAC Cosmetics. Great brand, great quality, right? (I’ve never used it, just what I’ve heard). Take a single pressed eye shadow: $15 for 1.5 g or 0.05 oz.

Now take a Sugarpill Cosmetics (another great-quality brand) pressed eye shadow, just for comparison. $12 for 4 g or 0.14 oz.

Since I don’t have any MAC shadows to create a comparison image, here is a visual comparison of a MAC and Sugarpill shadow I found on Disastrous Glam’s blog (third from last image).

That makes a big difference in my book because I’m a bargain hunter when it comes to shopping for anything.

My general rule of thumb is trusting the brands I know are usually worth the money for what you get, as far as things like palettes and kits go (but you can never win with things like individual liquid eyeliners -sob-) and I cheap out on accessories like brushes (because I’d blame the makeup’s application quality before the brush used to apply it). Haha.


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