Eye shadow vs. eye color: don’t limit your self-expression!

Blue eyes wearing blue eye shadow? Scandalous!

Blue eyes wearing blue eye shadow? Scandalous!

We’ve all seen those little four-color eye shadow quads made for brown eyes, blue eyes, etc. Those are all well and good but they prevent people from thinking outside the box. They think that just because a color isn’t supposedly meant to make green eyes pop, they can’t wear it. Any eye color can look good with any eye shadow color. The only occasional limitation I can think of is skin tones. Some skin tones don’t show certain colors well, but I’ve seen black skin rock bright yellow eye shadow (in that case I’d say the products gave her the advantage).

I have blue eyes and pale skin, so I think I’m an “autumn,” since warm colors brighten my appearance. And for makeup, I “should be” wearing browns. BORING! I’m not about to wear browns for the rest of my life. Besides, my eyes pop on their own without the help of makeup, haha. Sometimes I rock a little red, purple, green and even blue. You just have to experiment and I encourage you to try any color you want, regardless of your eye color. Don’t get me wrong, not every color complements every color and some won’t make others “pop” as much.

xSparkage actually discusses this topic and it’s where I base my opinion.


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