5-minute look for the lazy pretties


We all have those days where we’re too lazy to get all dolled up or worse, do not have the time for it. There are a lot of cases where wearing the bare minimum or nothing at all is okay. It is okay not to wear makeup sometimes (gasp!). For example, I almost never bother putting any on for school; because it is just school, not a catwalk. No one really looks at you closely enough anyway.

Even so, I have those in-between days where I want to put something on but am too lazy to go all out. Most recently, I do my eyebrows, mascara, contour my face and put on some tinted lip balm. Or only one of those things. Just enough to look alive, as I am pale as a ghost. Even a little makeup can do something for the confidence.

Urban Decay eyebrow kit, Flushed palatte, Sugar lip balm, mascara


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