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My arsenal


Hello! At this point you may be wondering what I’m working with here. Well let me show you.

Makeup brushes

These are all of my brushes. For some of the makeup gurus out there, this may appear minimalist, but I work with what I have and am willing to spend money on.

From left: Three brushes from random kits I’ve received as gifts from relatives over the years. They serve the purpose of throwing on a quick brow highlight most of the time. The pink one, I use the end to dip into my undereye concealer and then blend with a sponge (not pictured). Six eye shadow and crease brushes from Target. I have three of each to avoid constant brush washing (i.e. laziness). A smudge and eyeliner brush from Target that I hardly use but are good to have anyway. Two ELF (eyeslipsface) brushes that are also rarely used. I mostly use the white one to apply highlight to my inner eye corner. An ELF bronzer brush, a Target blush brush and a Forever 21 blush brush (which I use to apply highlight powder to my face). Three brushes from Forever 21 that came with the “blush” brush and haven’t been used since. The foundation brush from Urban Decay is the heaviest and most expensive brush I own (but received as a gift per my request). Otherwise, every other brush cost me no more than $6 each and they get the job done just fine.

Assorted lip and eye products.

From left: An old Urban Decay eye pencil. Four Revlon Colorstay eyeliners (these are the best). Six Revlon Just Bitten lipstains that I rarely wear anymore (I’m all about tinted lipbalms now). A concealer and highlight from ELF. Too Faced Shadow Insurance (eye shadow base) and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (also a good shadow base). Five liquid eyeliners from Urban Decay. Three eyeliners from Stila. Mascara from WalMart, I think it’s L’Oreal brand. Six mini lipsticks from a Kat Von D kit from Sephora.

Eye and face palettes

Top left: Brush cleaner and a blush from ELF. The Sugarpill Heartbreaker palette. Stila In The Know palette. Lorac bronzer and highlighter. Urban Decay eyebrow kit. A sample of Urban Decay’s Naked Skin foundation.

Sugarpill hauls

About half of my Sugarpill collection; these were the first two hauls I bought.

A look I did a year or so ago.

A look I did a year or so ago.

The video below is one of the first tutorials I ever watched about Sugarpill and I’ve been a fan of this makeup guru ever since.